The original Sanpete Valley Railway was established in May 1882. It was originally built as a three-foot narrow gauge railroad that was chartered to move coal from Manti, Utah to Nephi Utah.  The Sanpete Valley Railway was sold to the Denver & Rio Grand and Western Railway (D&RGW) in 1908, and became the D&RGW’s Marysvale Branch.  The line was finally completely abandoned in the spring of 1983 when it was destroyed by a catastrophic flood in Thistle Canyon.

Danny Oldroyd, of Mount Pleasant, Utah is the inspiration and the builder of the Grand Scale Sanpete Valley Railway’s engines and train cars and the railroad designer.  The railroad is located on Jim Berlin’s property at 125 North 500 West.  Jim is a long-time co-conspirator on this project, and has been instrumental in building this Grand Scales Railway.

Leroy Brady, Jason Baccigaluppi, Brian Prows, David (Clancy) Johnson, Chris (Gern) Galibraith, Seth & Sydnie Farley, Luke Austin and many others have labored tirelessly to bring the SVR to life!

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